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Guide Towards 10 legal repercussions of carrying a sham ESA letter 


If you are keeping an emotional support animal you need to keep an emotional support animal letter. Though you cannot easily get an emotional support animal letter. There is a lengthy procedure that you need to follow. Also, it is important to have an authentic one. There are many ways of getting an emotional support letter. 


If someone is recommending you to get a fake emotional support letter for the animal as a shortcut you should refuse to get the fake one. You should keep in mind that having an authentic emotional support animal letter is essential for your safety and your animal’s safety. This letter gives you many benefits. It’s a way of being on the safe side. This letter gives you a privileged position of not paying taxes and many other benefits. 



There is a huge difference between an authentic emotional support animal letter and a fake one. There are ways of checking and authenticating your esa letter for housing. Following are the 10 legal repercussions of carrying a sham ESA letter and ways of checking the authenticity of your Emotional support animal’s letter:


  1. A criminal record: It is a crime to take a fake emotional support animal’s letter.

  2. Fines: You will have to pay heavy fines for having a fake ESA letter.

  3. Qualification screening questionnaires: You will have to go through a difficult procedure of filling a qualification screening questionnaire for applying again. 

  4. Licenced professionals: Once you get caught for having a fake ESA letter you will not be trusted again by the licenced professionals to issue an authentic emotional support animal’s letter.

  5. Confirming order. Once you get caught for keeping a fake emotional support dog letter you would be kept in waiting and confirming your order would be the most difficult thing. 

  6. Digital ESA letter: in case of getting caught for having a fake ESA letter you won't get a digital ESA letter. 

  7. Trust issues: The animal's department would never trust you again and you would be labelled as a criminal.

  8. Animal: Your emotional support animal would also go through an emotional breakdown during this procedure.

  9. Peace: Once you get caught for keeping a fake animal support letter you would lose your peace of mind. 

  10. Flying on commercial airlines: In case of having a fake emotional support letter, you would not be able to fly on commercial airlines with your emotional support animal. 


However, you can easily get an authentic Emotional Support Dog letter for keeping an ESA. This letter would benefit you in so many ways. It would give you peace, joy and satisfaction. Also, you would not have to worry about taxes and other formalities for keeping a pet. 

The very best and simple way of getting an authentic emotional support letter is to contact the animal's department. You should explain your genuine concerns in simple words. You should apply for ESA through the formal means. Wait for your turn and you should not panic. Also, contacting your emotional support therapist is a good way of applying for an ESA letter. 


However, you should keep in mind that hypoallergenic dogs are good to keep as your Emotional Support Cat. Since their dogs cannot cause any kind of allergies. 

Once you decide to keep an emotional support animal you should prepare the best cat food to make your pet comfortable with you. This will make your life easy in so many ways. You won't have to worry about your pet's food. 


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