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Milk, food item that has been recommended for every human being from birth to death. Milk the food which has thousands of benefits direct and combinations. It means it is very helpful for our body if taken directly and also it adds great value to any food item prepared using milk.

Milk is famous for calcium content and bones required to be strong to survive in your day to day life. Calcium keeps bones stronger and healthy. This is the reason doctor suggest to increase percentage of milk or milk product which maintains percentage of calcium in body. If we compare today’s generation which has gone away from milk and last decade generate known to be milk lover, last generation was much fit and strong than today’s generation. They have enough capacity to survive and travel at the age of 80 and on other hand people always feels gifted if they cross age of 50.
1) Calcium, bones & Milk

Like everybody knows from kids to old everybody is encouraged to increase percentage of milk in their routine for the betterment of bones and body. Milk contains around 300mg of calcium which is quiet enough for the strengthening of bones and recovering loss of calcium from bones. But researches are coming out that body is hardly successful in absorbing calcium generated from cow milk which might be cause of calcium imbalance in body.
2) Other Benefits of Milk

Along with bones strengthening milk has other several benefits causing milk recommendation. Milk prevents person from psychological disorders such as hypertension, dental health, weight loss and also helps to cure some types of cancers. Milk improves immune system and smoothing skin.

Skin improvement includes helping you to look young because of this many face packs contains high amount of Milk.

According to location or area you are living in type of animals differs. But cow milk is highly appreciated by diet experts and it has been ideal gross food for kid to old. There are various animals used by humans such as buffalo, goat, camel, yak etc.

If you do not like the taste of milk then you can get same benefits from its other dairy products. You can have butter, buttermilk, curd, ghee or cheese or flavored milk which have good taste and used while serving many dishes. Though we have seen decrease in the percentage of milk drinkers but every person consume milk from its other products and required of body is automatically fulfilled.
No Milk – Losses

Absence of milk products or milk in your diet has several issues to be faced such variety of illness, anemia and feeling weak and reduced immunity.

Milk also helpful for women to solve their health issues and also improvises men’s sexual health to some extent which is new research and add some more benefits in the pocket of milk.

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