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Best Expository Essay Topics

An expository essay has its purpose, just like any other assignment. It provides information about a given topic while developing some important skills in the writer, for example, critical thinking, in-depth analysis, research, and reporting. 

Chances are that you are well aware of the basic outline and organizational structure of an expository essay. The next step is to select a topic. Topics for expository essays can come from various spheres and horizons. Sometimes students get assigned particular topics to write my essay work, but in most of the cases, they are on their own for choosing a topic. 



Want to improve your grade? Tired of redundant and boring topics? 

Rest easy. Below is an extensive list of engaging topics that might help you in writing a concise expository topic. Check it out!

  1. What makes a great leader?
  2. My favorite indoor game is Battle of the Sexes: Here’s Why!
  3. Which is the best music style?
  4. There’s no such thing as a healthy fast food product. 
  5. Medicare does more harm than good.
  6. What are the dynamics behind Lady Gaga’s choice in dresses?
  7. What would you do if you were immortal?
  8. Why people prefer materialism?
  9. Here’s why I believe in extraterrestrial life. 
  10. Artificial intelligence should be made available for academic purposes.
  11. I nearly got hit by a train - it changed my perspective on everything.
  12. Having an emotional support animal is the best feeling in this world.
  13. Music has a great influence on my life.
  14. What breakthroughs made space flight a reality?
  15. String theory is not as complicated as it seems.
  16. Torrent sites should be banned.
  17. Merits and demerits of curfew.
  18. What is the intensity of gender inequality in the United States of America?
  19. How significant is the gap between purchase intention and purchase behavior?
  20. It is not mandatory to be aware of the latest technology these days.
  21. Is technology affecting contemporary relationships?

There are some days when you wish that there was someone who could write essay for me on a topic of my choice. If you are unable to find a suitable topic, there are always expert writers with appropriate skills who can help you choose a topic and write engaging expository essays for you. 

Below are some more interesting topics which might engage you:

  1. What should be the cost of staying in an emergency reception for half an hour?
  2. How does someone successfully join a fraternity or sorority?
  3. What is the best way of studying? 
  4. How can I help a suicidal person?
  5. Homelessness is a blessing in disguise.
  6. How easy is it to be a celebrity?
  7. Governmental agencies are exempt from the rule of law.
  8. What does living below the poverty standards mean in developed economies?
  9. Is sociology helpful in understanding crime?
  10. How can Google Class change the way we learn?
  11. Does the brain develop as we change our social circumstances? How? Many students pay someone to write my paper assignment.
  12. Is bio-engineering changing our perspective on medical advancements?
  13. What are the dynamics behind art therapy?
  14. Altruism is harmful in the long-run. Here’s why.
  15. Why and how do we forget things?
  16. Are black holes real?
  17. Why are celebrities punished less than the rest of the public? 
  18. Is fibromyalgia rising? Why or why not?
  19. What is love?
  20. Here’s how 3D printers will print human parts in the near future.
  21. By 2050, combustion engine vehicles should completely vanish.
  22. What are the causes of increasing autism across the globe?
  23. Should Euthanasia be legal?
  24. Is it beneficial to invest money in precious metals?
  25. Here’s how to stop the United States of America from interfering into other countries’ affairs
  26. How can one deal with office politics?
  27. Religion and politics: What are the boundaries of meddling into each other’s affairs?
  28. What is the bystander effect? How does it impact the diffusion of responsibility?
  29. Dogs are better emotional support animals than cats.
  30. This is the book that has changed my life.
  31. Is climate change a Ponzi scheme?
  32. How can a country include diplomacy in its foreign policies?
  33. What is the relation between obesity and workplace productivity?
  34. Which is the world’s greatest book regarding the comparative analysis of indigenous religions?


Choose any topic from the above list to write my paper and take your reader’s breath away!


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